The Education Industry and Textbook Prices

The education industry is marred by a situation where textbook prices keep on shooting up as illustrated in why Textbook Prices Keep Climbing. The textbook market has time and again been able to inflate successfully prices of textbooks where the financial burden is passed on to the agents (students using a particular book). As stated in the write-up explaining the podcast, instructors choose a certain book for the students on the basis that the book contains all the content needed for completion of a certain course. In my opinion, the increasing prices of good textbooks have been driven by factors such as return on investment, quality, and demand of a certain book.

In agreeing with the views of the professor, the prices of textbooks should not be used as a criterion for selecting the books that students need to study. Consequently, the instructors should select a course material that is of high quality because the students will spend the semester studying the book. Additionally, a book that is of high quality according to the Harvard professor will help the students to a great extent in gaining the required knowledge without necessarily looking into other publications. However, it is not always correct that the most expensive books written by professors in the market have high-quality educational content.

In conclusion, as textbooks prices keep on shooting up careful examination of books should be undertaken by course instructors to ensure that the students get the real value of the finances and time they spend on a particular book. Additionally, students and professors should bear in mind that book price does not reflect on quality as some book publishers are only after getting returns on their investment. Education itself is an expensive thing nowadays, you can read about this in the importance of higher education essay.